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Bruce Bishop

Excellent presentation

Parliamentary Pizza by Bruce Bishop

Dr. Bishop has extensive experience serving clients as a meeting and convention parliamentarian. He has developed long term relationships with many of his clients, serving some for over 25 years and many for more than 10 years.

Parliamentarians recognize the advantage of establishing long term relationships with the organizations they serve. As each organization has a unique personality, it takes time for the parliamentarian to learn the culture and adapt to the traditions and customs of the organization.

Bruce has worked with hundreds of clients over the years and is aware that each group has there own way of doing things. He will not impose his "way" on the organization and he will not be a parliamentary procedure "bully." Rather, Bruce will demonstrate sensitivity and flexibility as he adapts to serve his clients.

There is no "right way" for a convention or meeting parliamentarian to serve the client. The services of a meeting parliamentarian rest on a continuum ranging on one extreme to being in the room "just in case" the chair, president, or someone else has a question or concern, to the other extreme where the parliamentarian serves as the appointed chair or presiding officer of the meeting and actually runs the meeting gavel to gavel. And, of course, the services of the meeting or convention parliamentarian usually rest somewhere in between one of the extremes.

Bruce Bishop is comfortable, confident, and expertly competent serving anywhere on that continuum.

Bruce is located in Southern California but he is willing to travel and does so on a regular basis to major convention cities throughout the United States. His fees are somewhat negotiable depending on the client, the meeting, his responsibilities, and the possibility of establishing a long term relationship with the client.

Outstanding references are available upon request.